Wednesday, December 14, 2011

A touch of spring in the winter

It is dark and cold today and we could use a touch of spring (although it is a long  way off).  I am sure many of you feel the same way.  Something fresh, bright and alive.  We found the perfect cure for the winter doldrums: Potting Shed Creations.

They sell plants that you can grow right inside your kitchen- such as Paper Whites, Organic Basil, Mini Christmas Trees, and Mini Tomatoes.  Each package is complete with the container to grow within, dirt, seeds, etc.  All you need to add is some water and love!  

All of their products have been made in Idaho for 14 years!   They started as a garage sale business and have grown into a much bigger company.  Throughout their growth they have made a commitment to keeping high quality, affordable and stylish products. These plants are the perfect gift for your mother, sister, best friend and child.  What a perfect activity for children during the winter!  Keep these in mind as a perfect holiday gift this season!  Check out our favorites...

To shop Potting Shed Creations products online, click here.  To locate a local retailer who carries their products, click here.

Enjoy a little springtime during the winter!

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