Thursday, December 22, 2011

It's officially last minute...

We saw something posted that read: "Yes, it is officially last minute.
  Do you have something for everyone on your gift list?  We will admit we are not totally done with our gift picking yet either.  Yes, we are officially part of the last minute holiday rush!
 If you're like us and still looking for one or two perfect gifts, we have a great idea: buy a certificate/gift card for a local business and support the local workers and jobs in your community.

Some great ideas that readers have shared with us:
*A certificate for a haircut, color or style at a local salon
*A certificate for a locally owned restaurant or coffee shop
*A gift card for the local gas station/car mechanic
*A certificate for a local handyman
*A certificate for tickets to the community theater program in your town
*A certificate for local lessons...piano, voice, guitar, a foreign language, knitting

You get the idea.  Be creative and get a unique gift for one of your loved ones and at the same time support local workers.  These gifts are different from the manufactured products in America we usually feature, but all the same, by supporting our local workers we/you are helping to keep and create jobs in our American communities.
Good luck with that last minute gift list.  Happy Holidays to everyone and feel free to share your ideas for locally-based gifts on our blog and facebook page!

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