Friday, June 29, 2012

Jack Rogers Navajo Sandals

Flip flops are a staple of summer.  The classic flop is...

We love our Jack Rogers Navajo sandals and wear them all summer long. We both have them in multiple colors. They are classic, versatile, comfortable, well- made and not to mention tres chic! In fact, I once sat right next to Brooke Shields at a shoe store in the Hamptons, and we bought the same pair!

The Jack Rogers Navajo sandal has a deep history that is fascinating.  The sandal was first made by small, independent cobblers in and around Palm Beach.  Jack Rogers expanded production in 1961 and the Navajo sandal became an essential part of summer for fashionable women all over America. The Jack Rogers Navajo sandal is still hand made in Florida. To read their full history click here.

Jack Rogers even has the Navajo sandal in college colors and sorority colors. To shop their entire collection, click here.

Put a little summer in your step!


  1. i love my Jacks(: I got the Glitter Navajos in pink, and I wear them everywhere! please check out my blog


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