Saturday, January 7, 2012

White Noise

Our families have a secret to our children's good sleep habits- The Original Sleep Sound Generator made for Hammacher Schlemmer.  Our older sister found this gem years ago and her 14 year old still uses his every night.  We both have younger children and these white noise machines are essential.  One of us even owns 5 of them! 

This sleep sound generator drowns out the dog barking, the door bell ringing, the phone and the other loud children in our homes!  The noise is created by moving air through the holes instead of based off a sound card.  That is the key to the very relaxing, soothing and simple white noise.  There are 2 volume settings, which is really helpful when you need to drown out extra noise.  

I just ordered a new one in preparation for my new baby and noticed that it is made in the USA.  Now I love these machines even more!  

We have had our machines for years and they still run as though they are new...worth every penny.  We both always travel with them and boy do they make sleeping in hotels super easy!  They are perfect for any child or adult who wants a peaceful sleep. To purchase The Original Sleep Sound Generator click here.

Sweet Dreams

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